Winter, Holidays and an Exhibition!

Been a while and I truly am sorry for the lapse. One of my 2015 resolutions is to post more – and clean up the mess that is my blog.

But short order is an exhibition which goes up Jan. 1 and continues through the end of the month. A group show at Lanesplitters in Berkeley at San Pablo and University Ave. Reception: Jan 4 from 4 – 7pm.
Join us!

Autumn Weather and Light

It’s that time of year – you know – when the light is gorgeous and the mornings cool and crisp. Even Rupert will snuggle in the early morning hours in weather like this.

Spring is nice, the birds returning, the blooming everything, the butterflies…

But Autumn, with the smells and leaves and the sun dipping lower and glancing off the bay – I feel melancholy and inspired at the same time.

With the fall comes fall foods and colors. Orange, of course, and pumpkins and persimmons! Yellows with mums and squash and gourds, rust and the falling leaves and flowers. It’s a panoply of color and smells and my senses feel alive!

And Gingersnaps, of course, and persimmon cupcakes, pumpkin bread, applesauce, persimmon butter, pickled squash, chutneys and green tomato and apple pie.

I’ll be in the kitchen!

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Dawn points, and another day
Prepares for heat and silence.

It’s summer on the Left Coast and we are burning up as usual with fires around the state, making for unusual sunsets and serious air quality problems. In the Bay Area, it might actually effect the water quality and the power to the area since Hetch-Hetchy and underground powerlines are in danger.

We learn new phrases such as Haines Index, Containment Line, Plume Development, Fuel Break and Dozer Lines. We bookmark the Cal Fire notice page and keep in touch with friends who live in the path of a fire.

It’s dry heat that keeps us burning out here on the Pacific Rim. Keeps us on our toes.

We joke about our dormant volcanoes and yet we camp on their peaks. We know to never turn our back on the ocean but lose several people every year to sleeper waves and rip tides. We go hiking knowing we could encounter rattle snakes and mountain lions. We build houses on hillsides that slide down in the winter rains. We tell family stories in earthquake years.

And yes, we call our fires by name.
Rim Fire

Making journals and some new work!

So I am beginning to think new work is a good thing.

But then again, I am hampered by the daily burdens of looking for a job and wondering what the future will bring.

So here I am, trying to make new work, trying to get workshops going, trying to get in exhibitions, and losing sleep over not having a regular income. Sound like an artist? Yeah, right. Let’s not even get in to what obsesses me on a political level…

So I am working, yes. I am trying to make new materials. I have a million ideas. And I am feeling guilty if I make art instead of look for a job.

Answer? None.

But here is the latest – mostly from sketchbooks:

Drawn at LACMA while in town for the book signing...

Drawn at LACMA while in town for the book signing…

over scan chimay pot1 Roman glass Roman vasi Tahoe

Thinking about the SFCS Book and the snowball effect

So we head now to the East Coast – Philly first on September 6th, and then on to NYC and the possibilities of the Big Apple.

Some things are not cut in stone yet but as for now the itinerary is:
Sept 6th – Philly
Possible lecture at the University of the Arts (my grad school)
Possible radio interview (Talking to 2 stations)
Definite evening book signing and EVENT at iMPERfecT Gallery in Germantown.

On the September 9th we are doing a panel at Housing Works in Manhattan.
Then doing a reading/signing at Desert Island in Brooklyn on the 11th.
No links as of yet but will post when we have them.

The Philly Gallery event has a call out for mail art – a perfect Cacophonist and 80s/90s art event. So please – make sure you submit! The art will be dada and the night will be fantastic!


The book is ramping up and if you have not found a copy – please – I heard we have sold over half the print run – so get on it. I suggest <;

See you on the Other Coast!

Let Me Pull on Your Coat…

Let me pull on your coat about something that’s been bugging me:
It’s only diligence that will make us a complete country again. Fairness, diligence, self-sufficiency, community and yeah, the Constitution. I say if the last 40 years of constitution trashing continues, we should hold ourselves to blame.
Here’s the plan:
Get to know your neighbors.
Vote the well-oiled creeps out of office (and I also mean the ones supported by big money and the lobby crowd, not just the nasty perverts).
Run for school board, water board, state office, House of Representatives.
Make a difference on a local level.
Maintain your ethics and values and stick to them.
Grow your own food.
Learn herbal remedies for simple problems.
Grow those herbs.
Put food up and learn how to bake.
Turn off the TV and get a library card.
Make a disaster plan and share it.
Take a couple of bags of cat or dog kibble to your local shelter every month.
Support shelters in states facing natural disasters with lots of confused, lost and bewildered animals.
Stop to help someone in trouble.
Help carry groceries out to the car of a stranger from the market.
Read Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” and take notes.
Yarnbomb (it brings a smile to everyone’s face).
Kill them with kindness. Really.
Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it.
Stop shopping at stores that support slave labor in other countries.
Buy your food from local farmers. Meet those farmers. Call them by name.
Put party politics away and think about how we can come together, as a nation. To hell with parties. There is only one party – the human party.
Learn to budget and with any extra, consider charity (and do your homework so the money actually goes to the people, not the CEO).
Build a house for someone.
Join the Peace Corps and go overseas to make a difference. We are the only country with a Peace Corps (thank you JFK). 2 years of volunteer service seems minimal to me: <;
Make Arbor Day a major holiday (April 10th):
Love life and live. We are all the same, stuck on this planet.
Let’s stop the petty BS and just get on with living as community.