Spent the day with my friend Sas Colby binding books for her limited edition project: “World of Books.’

Here is Sas’ description of the project: The Al-Mutannabi Street Coalition sponsors exhibitions of artists’ books and broadsides which honor freedom of expression.
The Coalition is named for Al-Mutannabi Street, the center of bookselling in Baghdad; a winding street filled with bookstores and outdoor bookstalls. Named after the 10th Century Arab poet, this street has been the historic heart of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community. In March 2007, a car bomb was detonated on the street, killing and wounding many. Soon afterward the Al-Mutannabi Street Coalition was formed to commemorate not only the tragic loss of life, but also the idea of a targeted attack on a street where ideas have always been exchanged. The Coalition has issued invitations to artists, writers and printers to create art that speaks to these ideas for presentation in exhibitions and readings worldwide. More information on the Coalition and its events can be found on-line. The artists’ book exhibition is called An Inventory of Al-Mutannabi Street, and is curated by Beau Beausoleil, overlandbooks@earthlink.net and Sarah Bodman, Sarah.Bodman@uwe.ac.uk

Could I ask for a nicer day? No. Simply put: Sun, pleasant company, the meditative repetition of binding, The lovely Boris the Yorkie… all in all a wonderful day.

Thanks Sas for making me a part of the project!!!