I finished my book for the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art Altered Book Show and Fundraiser – a good cause btw. Opening April 21, 5 – 7 pm at the old Hamilton Field in Novato, if you live close by.


All funds are matched in this silent auction.

The book was about Venice, in my mind. And Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” seemed the obvious. What happened was odd. It became less about altering an existing book than about responding to the content of the book. Yes, I altered. Taking pages out of the existing book and incorporating them into my new book. And structure, that is the oddest part – I really enjoyed using a novelty structure because it spoke to the complexity – the layers – of Venice.

La Serinissima. The Serene Republic. For centuries – something different for everyone. I had a longer visit than most foreigners but still, I barely scratched a complex surface. The results? Still being considered on a cellular level. But here is the current response, in book form:

I’m happy on all levels with the final results. Not over labored, not too complex, but a true response to trying to describe the indescribable, much as Calvino must have felt.

Oh, and I like it enough that there will be a limited edition soon enough. With a few kinks ironed out. I will let ya know. xoxoxo