I once had the opportunity to see, and handle, a few volumes of Lewis & Clark’s journals. This experience validated my own habit of journalling. In my journals, I chronicle the unmapped territory of Carrie. Populated by a native inhabitant, but explored, for the world, through fresh eyes. I still seek a guide.

Keeping journals has incredible value for learning and growing in life. The writings and visual images can prove to teach and inform in many ways. The practice and discipline of journalling hones ones ability to focus, sustain an idea, develop craft and technique and try out new things in a safe environment.

Journals can be public or private, secret even. They can serve as love letters or comments on the world at large or merely day-to-day observations of one’s environment. They offer dialogue with the society in which one lives. They prove, without a doubt, that we exist and our memory will persevere. They record the fragility of human existence in the most profound way.

Journals serve to offer: Personal Narrative, A Record of Growth, Travel Diaries, Collections of Daily Ephemera, Reflection, Wonder, Making Connections, Creating Response, Recording Dreams

They can be created in many ways:
Collage / Mixed Media Painting
Writing (Try different handwriting styles or different voices)
Record Keeping (Weather, Important Dates)
Collecting things that inspire or validate (Ephemera)

I keep both written and visual journals and have done so for nearly 40 years. I have created a personal reference library that expands daily. One life recorded.

A few examples: