So I met with an amazing man last week with whom I worked with years ago in the early days of the games industry. His name is Ron Martinez and he has created software for e-publishing that is user-friendly and wonderfully easy to use. I am excited to start moving in the e-publishing field and want to explore it further. <;

Seems a no brainer for me with my background but many would question why a hands-on book-maker would want to go down this path. But back in the ’90s, when I worked in games and “multimedia” was the buzz-word, even before the internet, I was enthralled by Hypertext and the narrative options of the medium.

Think of it… You’re reading Sherlock Holmes and the end of the story has an option for 2 or3 or 4 different possibilities. The narrative might change depending on how you clicked in the first third or half of the story. I’ve always wondered how it would be if we could maximize this idea.

So I am going to pursue this path, and the software and the possibility.

I find myself invigorated for the first time in months. Nothing about tech scares me, I find it innate and easy, and have been working with the digital realm since 1985 so hey, bring it on.

Oh, and look for the interactive version of Tales of the SF Cacophony Society since I am doing the e-book for our publisher. Just a note.