I wasn’t, no, I’m not ready to lose friends. To disease, age, unexpected circumstances. So when a friend went from recovery from surgery to bad response, I hoped it would be a minor issue.
Sadly she passed away on Sunday. And while I know it is for the best and her life, and death, are noble, I cannot get over the fact that I will not hear her voice, her funny laugh, see her face, her bright red hair, her positive outlook, her recitation of poetry…
Miss Amelia X Hancock. A dear friend for many years, a talent, an artist, a poet. I hope you are traveling on the other side and it is everything you thought it might be.
I remain your most devoted friend,
Me, Russ Conrad, Louise Jarmilowisc and Amelia after a Night of the Exquisite Corpse event.
EC_After the play3_SF