So I am beginning to think new work is a good thing.

But then again, I am hampered by the daily burdens of looking for a job and wondering what the future will bring.

So here I am, trying to make new work, trying to get workshops going, trying to get in exhibitions, and losing sleep over not having a regular income. Sound like an artist? Yeah, right. Let’s not even get in to what obsesses me on a political level…

So I am working, yes. I am trying to make new materials. I have a million ideas. And I am feeling guilty if I make art instead of look for a job.

Answer? None.

But here is the latest – mostly from sketchbooks:

Drawn at LACMA while in town for the book signing...

Drawn at LACMA while in town for the book signing…

over scan chimay pot1 Roman glass Roman vasi Tahoe