It’s that time of year – you know – when the light is gorgeous and the mornings cool and crisp. Even Rupert will snuggle in the early morning hours in weather like this.

Spring is nice, the birds returning, the blooming everything, the butterflies…

But Autumn, with the smells and leaves and the sun dipping lower and glancing off the bay – I feel melancholy and inspired at the same time.

With the fall comes fall foods and colors. Orange, of course, and pumpkins and persimmons! Yellows with mums and squash and gourds, rust and the falling leaves and flowers. It’s a panoply of color and smells and my senses feel alive!

And Gingersnaps, of course, and persimmon cupcakes, pumpkin bread, applesauce, persimmon butter, pickled squash, chutneys and green tomato and apple pie.

I’ll be in the kitchen!