With an MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking a BFA in Drawing & Painting and a BFA in Illustration, Carrie Galbraith has taught book arts and printmaking: in Italy as a postgraduate fellow for 3 years, in Northern Ireland as artist-in-residence and in Romania, as a Fulbright scholar. She currently teaches in the Bay Area.

Her books and prints combine her passion for history and archeology with her lifelong habit of journaling. Using printmaking, photography and alternative photographic techniques, drawing and a variety of mixed media; Carrie weaves a complex message through the use of multiple narrative and imagery, often super-imposed, to comment on our relationship to the past and how civilizations, while believing themselves unique, rarely vary from the need to tell their stories: from megalithic structures and marble temples to industrial complexes. Her works focus on image and language, which is presented in sparse prose, often culled from her large collections of journals and her daily writing habit. The use of autobiographical material further attempts to bring a humanist focus, one accessible to everyone about the main message of our passage through time.

Carrie has exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions and her works are in such collections as the Tate Britain, the National Print Museum in Dublin, the National Library in Rome and other libraries and universities in the US and abroad. She publishes her books under the imprint of Ketone Press.

A fifth generation Californian and career wanderer, Carrie has lived in 6 states and 4 countries, has driven and traveled by train across America 15 times, sailed across the Pacific Ocean, taught sailing in Hawaii, studied art in Poland and traveled by bus and train throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the Balkans and, most recently, Turkey.

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