This is the week of the Book Launch!

So already did a couple of radio interviews and this Thursday, at 7pm we launch the book at City Lights bookstore in SF.

Podcast of one of the interviews:

Also doing the Maker Faire on Saturday:

And Green Apple on Sunday:

And more:

Hope to see some of you there!
– c


Marin MOCA 2013 Exhibition – Altered Books

The wheels turn and here it is 2013 and Marin MOCA is back with a fundraiser and 144 participants this year! Proud to be among them!

My entry focused on time spent in Ireland. I found a simple, small guide book and embellished with MY view of the Emerald Isle. Those of you in the bay area – the opening is this Saturday – beginning with a lecture at 4pm and then moving into the museum for the exhibition.

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art – Hamilton Field, Novato.DSC_3970 DSC_3976 DSC_3980 DSC_3981 DSC_3989 DSC_3992 DSC_3994

Tales of the SF Cacophony Society book signings

Hi All,
We have several signings and more in the works. Here’s the list as of today:

May 16th: Book Premiere, City Lights, San Francisco. <;
May 18th: Panel Discussion, Makers Faire. <;
May 19th: Readings from the book, Green Apple Books/Lands End, San Francisco. <;
June 6th: Readings and book signings, Pegasus Books, Berkeley, CA.<;
June 14th: Powell’s Bookstore in Portland. <
Jue 22nd: Le Lux de Jesus in LA. <;
August – Varnish Gallery and SFAI Lecture Series.

More as it develops. We’ve been invited to the Commonwealth Club but have no confirmation date as of yet. Also to The Explorer’s Club in NYC but again, no formal invite. I expect plenty more invitations around the country. Can’t wait to show off this labor of love. And bring SF Cacophony in to the light. Hope to carry you all with me!!!


Losing Friends

I wasn’t, no, I’m not ready to lose friends. To disease, age, unexpected circumstances. So when a friend went from recovery from surgery to bad response, I hoped it would be a minor issue.
Sadly she passed away on Sunday. And while I know it is for the best and her life, and death, are noble, I cannot get over the fact that I will not hear her voice, her funny laugh, see her face, her bright red hair, her positive outlook, her recitation of poetry…
Miss Amelia X Hancock. A dear friend for many years, a talent, an artist, a poet. I hope you are traveling on the other side and it is everything you thought it might be.
I remain your most devoted friend,
Me, Russ Conrad, Louise Jarmilowisc and Amelia after a Night of the Exquisite Corpse event.
EC_After the play3_SF

E-Publishing and my new excitement about the future

So I met with an amazing man last week with whom I worked with years ago in the early days of the games industry. His name is Ron Martinez and he has created software for e-publishing that is user-friendly and wonderfully easy to use. I am excited to start moving in the e-publishing field and want to explore it further. <;

Seems a no brainer for me with my background but many would question why a hands-on book-maker would want to go down this path. But back in the ’90s, when I worked in games and “multimedia” was the buzz-word, even before the internet, I was enthralled by Hypertext and the narrative options of the medium.

Think of it… You’re reading Sherlock Holmes and the end of the story has an option for 2 or3 or 4 different possibilities. The narrative might change depending on how you clicked in the first third or half of the story. I’ve always wondered how it would be if we could maximize this idea.

So I am going to pursue this path, and the software and the possibility.

I find myself invigorated for the first time in months. Nothing about tech scares me, I find it innate and easy, and have been working with the digital realm since 1985 so hey, bring it on.

Oh, and look for the interactive version of Tales of the SF Cacophony Society since I am doing the e-book for our publisher. Just a note.

Catching Up!

Hey All (all 5 of you who follow this blog)…
I am working on a workshop schedule, have spent time at Codex (A huge Bay Area book fair) and am inspired and am looking at dates for book signings with our publisher.
Oh, also looking for work.
And baking cookies – just finished 4 dozen Gingersnaps. 3 dozen will get mailed out and the rest left on the doorsteps of neighbors…
So 2013 looks good and all things are positive.
Will be back in the weekly posting groove asap.
Meanwhile, happy lunar new year to ya’all and feel free to contact me with any and all thoughts.

– c

Tales of the Sf Cacophony Society Update

While we go through the final proofs – I wanted to present some of the latest press. It’s just begun, so read with caution. The book has not actually been seen, just bits and pieces. And the content is immense. So when the final book hits the streets and the publisher gives us a thumbs up to show the book, be prepared. It’s massive in its content.
– c

Some recent blog activity:

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society!

The first real blog mention of the upcoming book: Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society appeared today on Laughing Squid!

This book was the brainchild of Kevin Evans, who created the idea of doing a book, and created the illustrations and the look and feel of the book. I became involved early on and am the designer, production artist, editor and ad hoc project manager. (And yes, I am pretty exhausted these days.) Our co-editor is John Law. Our publisher is Last Gasp.

However, I am thrilled by how this is taking shape! Five of the nine chapters are near completion and the remaining four are in progress. Still a lot of work ahead with indexing and credits and all the other extras, but I have more optimism on the final book than ever before.

I think it will be a thrilling read, full of strange and wonderful graphics, and an informative and complete history of “the most influential underground cabal you’ve never heard of.”

Check it out: Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

A Palimpsest Obsession

Palimpsest: L palimpsestus fr. GK palimpsestos: scraped again, fr. palin + psen to rub or scrape: writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased.

I am obsessed with the journey and chronicling the journey. Everything we do is documented in some form or another; by ourselves, or the data trail we leave behind as we live our lives. We also tend to take notes and keep lists. I use small notebooks to keep tabs on the info flying at me each and every day, especially with a new situation or project. I create my to-do lists as the project develops, kept in the same notebook for a frame of reference. Then I finish my to-dos and what? I have a notebook with a massive amount of information of all kinds of interest interspersed with crossed-off to-do items.

It’s a mess, visually. But the information is too valuable to toss the notebook. So what are the options? Tear out pages­ – that only creates too large a spine and the possibility that one could lose all the incredible information/thoughts/ideas that might be on the backside of that specific page.

So to keep my eyes on the important data, I obliterate the annoying lists. And I have found that drawing and painting over those lists creates a wonderful space for smallish creative expression. A private, intimate, sketchbook or a secret note to oneself, not intended for exhibition or public display. They become filled with pages of whimsy with no editor or censor questioning why I am drawing that specific object or idea. These palimpsest notebooks become playgrounds with no rules or regulations.

In some I gesso the pages to better obliterate the tedious list or notes about deadlines or meetings. Others have a direct approach with ink and stick or water-soluble crayons, allowing for a looser style and the introduction of wet media. When the pigments bleed through the spine to other pages, great possibilities occur. In all cases, I keep myself loose and work fast, just wanting to cover those done items, in a sense, washing the slate of my brain clean to take on the next batch of tasks.

And yes, I am obsessed with Hagstones as well.